What Is Venetian Plaster?

Venetian Plaster is a finish used on walls and ceilings. The finish consists of plaster mixed with marble dust and it is applied with a trowel or spatula in thin multiple layers. After these layers are applied, they are burnished to create a smooth surface which appears to have much depth and texture. Venetian plaster can be done in many different colors.

Here are some photos of Venetian Plaster applied by Precision Painting and Faux Finishing in Albuquerque New Mexico:

interior and exterior painting commercial and residential albuquerque new mexico Venetian Plaster Albuquerque New Mexico


Look at more venetian plaster in our venetian plaster gallery:

Venetian Plaster

To have Precision Painting and Faux Finishing do this, or any other profession painting or finishing, in your home, call 505-450-6688.


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